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  1. One Pro
    Work with one professional throughout the entire process of building your website and continue to work with that pro for all of your other business needs.
  2. Fast Turn Around
    Many times we can get the site back to you in 2 weeks, however, this greatly depends on the level of customization. If time is an issue, let us know and we will plan accordingly.
  3. Writing
    Over the process of building your site, we'll get to know your business and we can write any script you may need in your website such as the About Us page.
  4. Maintenance Plans
    Keeping your site updated with new photos, text/blog, and events not only helps with SEO, but also can show customers your more recent work.
  5. Heat Maps
    Heat maps show you where clients are going most often on your site. This can help show you what visitors are looking for when they visit your site and what areas might need to better advertised.
  6. Economical
    JTS has many templates to work off of to create a site to better represent your company. We also streamline the process to save overhead and pass those savings onto you.

For All Our Sites

  • Free URLs available
  • Customer service 7 days a week
  • Stock photo
  • 1 @domain email 
  • Mobile friendly site
  • Site review & report once per year
All of our sites come with several features and AddOns at no additional cost to you when you host with us.
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