Office Support

Helping with everyday office needs of your growing business
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  1. Documents
    We'll write up any documents you need from notifications & templates to contracts & new client letters. Your new docs will be tailor made for your business & needs.
  2. Transcriptions
    Simply record yourself talking and we'll write up your proposal (or any other document) and have it back to you by the end of the day.
  3. Organization
    We'll help create a new organizational system on any digital interface such as Google Docs or folders and keep it up to date when you us documents.
  4. Scheduling
    We'll help keep track of your busy schedule through texts or emails on any scheduling interface.
  5. Subs & Research
    Anytime you need a new subcontractor or supplier we'll do the research for you and make sure they match any criteria you may have,
  6. Expense Tracking
    We'll help you get prepared for your business accounting by keeping ledgers for projects and organizing receipts you send us.

Anything from an hour to 70

Okay, we're not limited on either end, but you get the point. We don't limit the amount of help you need because it's your business and you know what your business needs. If one week there's no work and next there's 100 hours, that's what we're here for.

Fully Trained & Ready

All of our staff are fully trained in the ins and outs of the construction industry and ready to be there your business in whatever compacity your business needs. 
People? Real People?

Yes. No robots here.

You'll be assigned one professional for your business who will get to know your needs and goals. This ensures you'll never be repeating your account number to an automated system because it doesn't understand your Texan accent. (complaint from owner)